Apples home button is dead, according to hidden code.依据隐敝代码,iPhone的Home键要消失了。The little circle at the bottom of the phone has been the main way of identifying Apples handsets, at least when theyre turned off. But its about to disappear in the iPhone 8.这一位于手机底端的小圆圈依然是识别iPhone手机的关键方法,至少在手机再开时是那样的。可是Home键即将在iPhone8上消退。

Thats according to code that was accidentally released by Apple. Part of that includes a check on whether a device has a home button – something that was previously unrequired, since every iPhone had one.这类各不相同的根据来源于美国苹果公司不经意发布的代码。代码內容还包含确认机器设备否具有Home键,这种代码曾是不必要的,由于iPhone手机都是有Home键。Its possible that the reference is to other devices that run some form of iOS and dont have a home button, like the Apple TV. But the removal of the home button in the iPhone squares with other code found in the release, pictures that are also included within it, and years of rumours.这一条代码有可能所说的是没Home键的别的IOS机器设备,例如iPhone网络机顶盒。

可是公布发表的别的代码、代码内的照片及其很多年来的谣传都能与这类各不相同对上号。Pictures found in the code that appear to depict the new phone, for instance, show the design including some of the forehead that sits at the top, but none of the chin at the bottom that houses the button. As such, there appears to be no space for a physical home button and it will presumably be depicted on screen instead, as it is on Android.例如,照片代码中的一些描述也许说明了iPhone8的设计方案,手机的顶端还犹存“额头”,可是底端Home键所属的“下颌”却没有了。因而,也许早就没容下Home键的物理学室内空间,它有可能像安卓手机系统那般,经常会出现在显示屏上。


Some had hoped that the long-rumoured removal of the home button would actually mean that it was hidden under the bottom of the screen, and that the fingerprint sensor would shine through the display. But there appears to be no such reference to a TouchID fingerprint sensor, and so its likely that the button will be entirely virtual.一些人曾期待这则广为流传已幸的谣传本质上意味著将Home键隐敝在显示屏下边,而指纹传感器不容易运用显示器工作中。可是TouchID指纹传感器也许未被提及,因而Home键有可能将彻底变为虚幻世界的。That will also mean that the button can move out of the way when it is not required, such as when people are watching videos.这也意味著能够不在务必的情况下将Home键卡死,例如欣赏视頻时。Code found by developers including Steve Troughton-Smith and Guilherme Rambo suggest a major re-design to the phone. They and others have been picking through firmware that was apparently accidentally made available online, and includes references to many unreleased features.史提夫?兹劳顿?阿诗丹顿和吉列尔梅?兰博等开发人员寻找的代码强调iPhone的设计方案再次出现全局性变化。

她们和别人早就从互联网上车祸事故公布发表的固定件中寻找真相,在其中涉及很多没公布发表的作用。They have also found suggestions that the phone will be able to track peoples faces. That will apparently be used to unlock the phone, as well as to see whether people are paying attention to the screen and so change things on the display accordingly.她们还找到最新款iPhone将能进行面部识别的征兆。

这类作用好像不容易用于副本手机、检验大家否在瞩目显示屏,随后适度地变化显示屏上的內容。The firmware was actually made for Apples upcoming HomePod smart speaker, but it included numerous references to the new phone and other hardware as well.网上发布的固定件本质上属于iPhone即将开售的HomePod智能音箱,但它的许多设计方案参考了最新款iPhone和别的硬件配置。